Saturday, 3 April 2010

I'm just a miserable atheist but I still don't agree with kids being raped.

The news about the catholic children who have been raped by those that they trusted, and then let down by their faith when the crime was covered up has disgusted me just as it has disgusted many. I haven't written about it because I can't find the words to say what it is I want to say. I couldn't even explain to my brother (who doesn't exactly keep up to date with world events) what had been been going on.

Yet, this morning on Twitter I stumled upon this news story and it made me sick with anger. I just don't get how the vatican can be so blind to the crimes that have been comitted! How can they try and twist this whole thing and make it look as though they and the accused are victims?! This is bad enough on its own. They are not victims; this is simply their cruel misuse of their power coming back to haunt them.

But they had to add the icing to the already bitter cake by comparing the current situation they are in to the persecution of Jewish people. Disgusting. Stephan Kramer, general-secretary of Germany's Central Council of Jews, described the remarks as offensive and repulsive and I agree fully with him. He said "So far I haven't seen St Peter's burning, nor were there outbursts of violence against Catholic priests."

Yet the Vatican have stated that the comments that were made by Father Cantalamessa had not been the Vaticans official position. No, because the Vaticans official position is one of what seems to be feigned ignorance. The world now knows what has been happening, it's not a question of if padophiles have been allowed to abuse children, but a question of how many children have been abused, and by how many peadophiles and for how long without the appropriate legal action being taken against them. Just how many individual crimes have they covered up? *sigh* I know a large proportion of my family are Catholic and I'm sure some of them must come here and read what I write and I have nothing against them having their faith. I don't like religion - no, that's weak. I hate religion, but I don't hate people because they choose to follow a religion. This isn't a dig at catholic people; just those catholic people who covered up inexcusable crimes against vulnerable children who were promised hell if they didn't do as they were told.

Oh, and in other religious news, it would seem some people have been reenacting the cruxifiction this Easter weekend to show their dedication to their god and his son. I'm sorry - but anyone who can celebrate human sacrifce (whether it happened or not) make me question their ability to think about what they're doing. Hmm.

Gosh, I'm a miserable atheist, aren't I? I apologise if I offend anybody with my personal stance on religion, but these past few weeks have been full of crappy religious news that speaks of irrefutable and unforgivable harm being done to people in their masses and it's pissed me off. The above has all been written whilst I've munched on hot cross buns; they're the only decent thing to come out of easter.

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  1. Exceptionally well said, Hayley.

    Perhaps they should pretend to be Job or indeed Jesus and accept the "persecution" heaped upon them, even if they do think it's perfectly all right to rape children or that they're too good to do penance as they preach.

    As for someone else having to die for us because we (presumably excluding said rapists) are so bad and so helpless, that just seems like a plain stupid guilt trip to me. I really pity those who are so tied up in it and feel so small and awful. Thank goodness they failed to ensnare me. They did their best, but I escaped.