Monday, 19 April 2010

The house healer

In the UK we've recently been having some wonderful weather which has inspired many to have a spring clean in the hope that it will shift away the winter blues we've become so accustomed to of late. However, according to the Daily Mail it might not all be that easy.

Apparently many of us find that despite having a spring clean we still feel gloomy within our own homes. This, they say, could be down to bad energy making our homes sick. Or at least, that's what Sandra Kendrew says anyway.

She labels the bad energy as three different types:

- geopathic stress which is natural radiation and is distorted by underground water, quarrying, minerals, fault lines and construction (which coincidentally is what is said to disturb ghosts, coincidence?)[1]

- Geomagnetic stress which is caused by electro-magneitc pollution from nearby pylons, sub-stations and radiation in the home, such as a ' disruptive' WiFi connection. [1]

- and, Geopsychic stress which is the lingering emotional energy created by previous occupants and the property's current owners.Or ghosts.[2]

Now, I'm sure your bullshit detectors are going off majorly already. We've got mentions of negative energy, pollution from pylons and wifi, and ghosts. However, it gets even more woo because Sandra claims to be able to heal these problems within your home or business and has been doing so for nearly a decade already.


  1. Agreed that there seems to be a lot of BS in this article. However, I have read that Michael Persinger MD (Canadian researcher) 'discovered' that EM radiation affects the temporal lobes, and can cause disturbing visions / 'sensed presences'. I am not sure how extensively this work has been peer reviewed, however.

  2. Yeah, as far as I can tell Persinger's assesment that EM radiation can cause those things you mentioned is speculation more than anything.

    As far as I know there have never been controlled tests of his theory conducted, yet there have been controlled tests that show people respond to EM fields and report feeling ill or 'sense presences' even though they weren't actually exposed to EM field but it was just suggested they were.

    There are a lot of conflicting studies about this.