Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The gardener

Serene he stands amid the flowers,
and only counts lifes sunny hours.
To him dull days do not exist,
evermore the optomist!

I have found a new passtime! Gardening! I've just gotten in from pruning the rose bushes we have in our garden and I found a sproutling in the peppers that we're growing. There's something quite relaxing about gardening that I can't quite place my finger on.
I grew up under the command of the chief gardener, the grandfather whose garden boasted the most amazing hanging baskets, beds of all sorts of flowers - all aranged perfectly. I would spend hours dead heading them, it was the norm. Perhaps that's why I like gardening now? Perhaps I inherited some of my grandfathers calmness towards his plants? 

The little verse at the top of this blog was on a slab on stone that acted as a step up to my grandfathers shed. It was a rosy sandy stone and I can remember it fondly because it describes him perfectly. Sort of. 

Anyway, I just hope that the bulbs we've planted all over our garden don't die or get eaten by the dog who seems to enjoy trying to dog them up. Gr.

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