Monday, 12 April 2010

A busy week for a not to busy skeptic

This week is going to be mad. On Tuesday (tomorrow) I am travelling up to Manchester for the Greater Manchester Skeptics first Skeptics in the Pub event where Trystan (my RI cohost) will be delivering his talk 'ghosts and the people who hunt them.' After his talk is finished the RI team are going to be doing our first ever live recording in front of the audience which I think will prove to be very interesting because the upside of not being a live podcast is that people don't see or hear what it's really like when we record. Now they will. Yikes!

I should be home late Wednesday and I will have Wednesday & Thursday to prepare for Friday & Saturday which will see me and the Weird Investigations team head to Bristol to the Llandoger Trow. We'll be conducting an investigation event there until 6am on Sunday Morning.

I'm going to be tired but it will be worth it I think.

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