Thursday, 25 March 2010

My take on 'the great apple experiment - Day two

This morning I checked on the status of the apple pieces and they all seem to be reacting the same - all are a little brownish and I wouldn't eat any of them. Ew.

I put together the video below to document the progress and to show me talking to the apples today. The video is low quality as I am using a freebie video conversion programme. If anyone knows of a decent one that will convert my footage from .avi to .mpeg for free with decent quality please let me know!


  1. handbrake ( is a great tool for converting between video formats, is free, and runs on most major platforms.

  2. Do you think the neutral apple sample might decay at a different rate due to different light conditions in your cupboard? Maybe it should be placed somewhere else in the room?

  3. I explain the cupboard bit in my third video. It's not a cupboard in the 'dark enclosed space' sense, but it actually more like a small room that we use for storing DIY bits and bobs. It has a window and the window has a small air vent below it.