Saturday, 13 February 2010


It's 50 minutes into Valentines day and I just want to remind people to go to my post on Ornithomancy for valentines day and to look at a bird and to then report back to md and let me know if you find your true love. Hah.

Valentines day is one of those 'marmite days' because you either love it or you hate it. Single people like me either despise the day because it reminds them of what they don't have, or they get depressed because it reminds them of what they don't have - or both. In worst case scenarios.

I can remember when I worked for a certain large, successful supermarket chain in the department that oversaw all the pricing and advertising for the store I worked in. Valentines day would start in January and finish on the 15th of February and it wouldn't be until the 12th that things really started to kick off with the sales. I wonder if it is down to pressure and expectation that people buy gifts and cards in their masses. If it was purely because they loved somebody, wouldn't buying them gifts and treats be a normal thing rather than an annual occurence? Or am I being naive again?

Happy valentines day, whether you choose to celebrate it or not. I'm willing to travel to pick up the chocolates you all bought me. Just let me know where to! ;)


  1. Definitely pressure. There is an element of pressure on me, but since I have a strong relationship with my wife it's like water of a duck's back. However, it is that constant nagging that led to my (now infamous) blog post on the subject.

    I can see how people (mainly men) are pressurised into doing something on this day by others (mainly women).

    I know that that's a bit of a generalisation, but from conversations it's always the women telling me that they would kill their partner if they didn't do anything for them on this one specific day.

    I don't need no woman telling me when to be romantic ;-)

    p.s. the chocolates I bought you are by the till at Tesco. I wasn't able to prearrange payment, so if you could buy one Wispa bar I will pay you back when I next can.

  2. I live in Japan, so you're the one who was suppose to by me chocolate (or, if you really loved me, to make me some homemade chocolate - that's how people know if it's friend choco or love choco)...

    Boys give back chocolate to girls one month later, on White Day.

  3. I agree there is pressure on men to 'do right' by their girlfrends/wives.
    However, I knew of one woman who used to buy herself flowers and get them sent to her work place just to make it look as though she was popular. I think that was down to peer pressure and expectation too.

    Sometimes society can be a bitch.