Thursday, 25 February 2010

I spoke too soon

I honestly thought I had battled my social anxiety disorder/panic disorder/agrophobia but it seems not. It is 1am in the morning and I'll be truthful, I'm sitting in bed unable to sleep thinking up the best way to quit the job I started two days ago because I can't cope with it.

I went from working part time in a supermarket to working full time as a supervisor in an outdoor lesuire store and I can't face going back. I need to go to the doctors I think because I refused counselling the last time around because I genuinely felt the tablets they put me on had helped me, but I'm back in square one again and I feel ust as bad as I did last year when this all kicked off.

The rational part of my brain is saying that I'm overreacting, but with SAD it's never that simple. Unless you've suffered with this problem it's impossible to understand how this feels. I want to run away and hide from everyone, forever.

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