Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The horror

I promised myself I wouldn't write this blog post, but I've broken the promise because I'm a little bit sick of the criticism I've been recieving from my friends, family, co-workers and even people I've never met simply because I became a vegetarian. It's my choice what I eat, and I've never tried to put down other people for their decision to eat meat as though I hold some sort of moral high ground because that's not how I see it.

Everyone is entitled to do what they like (within reason of course...) and I don't really see how me choosing to not be part of the demand for meat is anybody elses business. Please submit your answers in the comments if I'm wrong because I'm genuinely interested. However, those people who have criticised me because of my free choice are now going to be criticised by me for their free choice. Maybe they will read this, maybe not - if you are reading it and you've taken the piss out of me for becoming a vegetarian then I hope this blog will help you to understand where I am coming from and why it is I made my decision to never eat meat again.

The way I see it is that if you're willing to eat a chicken from a supermarket shelf then you should be willing to eat any animal meat. I recently saw one friend complaining on facebook how her fiance was eating reindeer and how it was gross, yet she eats meat every single day. What's the difference? An animal is an animal no matter what shape it comes in, in my opinion.

I've been told systematically by people who don't have any business to tell me anything about myself that I'm over reacting by becoming a vegetarian. That I'm being dramatic and that if we didn't eat animals they'd have no purpose on this planet.

Let me just pause here and shake my head in dismay.

Okay, I've shaken my head, here's where I climb on my soapbox. How DARE anybody presume that humans are any more important than any other animal on this planet? How DARE anybody presume that animals have one purpose and that is to be eaten by us? We are animals too. Animals would be much happier to live in the wild where they can exist as equal beings. Sure, they might become extinct because they're not forced to breed - but that's more natural than being born simply to feed something else. That's not a life at all, it's disgusting!

I feel disgusted that I ever personally thought it was okay to eat meat. My brother has taunted me over the last couple of weeks by showing off the meat on his plate as though it will make me want to eat meat again - like someone who is giving up smoking being tempted to smoke again. It won't work though, why would I want to eat meat now that I know exactly what goes into providing it?

The thought of a bacon sandwich now actually makes me heave. Before, it was one of my favourite snacks, a bit like pepperoni pizza - it was my poison. However, whenever I look at a pepperoni pizza now I look at the round pieces of meat and I wonder what the animal it came from looked like. Was it male? female? How old were they?
This is me and my dog Lucky. If anybody ever hurt or mistreated him, I'd have to plan their downfall. In fact, I care so much for this dog I actually once threw myself in front of a fast moving cyclist to ensure he didn't get hit by the bike. I love animals, you see and I stopped eating meat because I respect them. Why is it okay for me to never want harm to befall the dog with the snow in his beard in the picture above, when I'm happy to sit down and eat animals that have been badly treated and never been allowed a proper life? What a hypocrite I was...

Here's an example of why I feel the way I feel. I saw this video from PETA a while ago and whilst some people will groan and say 'oh, PETA' whilst rolling their eyes, it isn't PETA that I am writing about here, it's the video. The video that shows what happens to male chicks who can't provide eggs to feed the demand of eggs. It's my opinion that if you eat eggs or chicken you should be able to watch this video and feel completely happy with what it shows. I don't. That's why I made the choice I did. If you can't understand that then tough shit. I don't expect anybody to respect me or to "get me" or anything.

Please don't think I am lecturing people here as I respect your free choice to eat what you want, this blog was written for all of those people who thought they had the right to tell me how stupid I was.


  1. Ok, I wrote a crap load here and then lost it (grrr!)

    So, I'll try to remember it.

    I am indiscriminate in my discrimination, I mock everyone - so when I use the 'feeble' type jokes on veggies I am clearly being ridiculous.

    Incidentally, I'll eat most anything including 'exotic' meats. Not rat though, my Falconer friend assures me it is utterly rank. And wood pigeon is a lot of work to get into, for very little reward. It's an important video you linked to, it highlights where I slip whenever I am buying meat. I always go to the butcher for my other meat, but chicken often gets the 'ah, just this once' when I am looking for fajita contents.

    I know the source of my meat is of no consequence to a veggie, but it is to me - not least beacuse of flavour but also because I've been to the local farms and seen the piggies running round the pens and whatnot, and that pleases me more than thinking of them in cages.

    I've been to a slaughterhouse, I know where farmed meat comes from and where it goes. This doesn't make me better in any way, it just makes my decision to eat meat more of a conscious one.

    All of that vanishes when I slip up with fast food or cheap chicken. So, cheap chicken has to go first.

    Incidentally, I love veggie food too. I HATE that restuaruants seem to offer garbage choices for it though. A number of veggie ex gfs taught me that cooking for a veggie is sooooo much easier than meat. And falafels are made entirely from win. And spices.

    Anyway, good post. Suggested revenge for your brother: Chopped okra, rub it in his face. that stuff is utter filth

  2. I've often laughed how people moan about Koreans keeping dogs in terrible conditions and then eating them when we'll happily do it to other animals.

    On all other points, I hope I've made my position clear in other comments :-)

  3. Chopped okra is only the beginning. If you think he scratches *ahem* down below chop up a chilli pepper and rub it into his hand whilst he sleeps.

    Hey presto! Two meat free comebacks.

  4. You guys shouldn't be putting these ideas into my head. I have a very evil streak.

  5. Isn't it terrible when you're carrying a pen, stumble and accidentally catch someone in the kidneys?

    I'm forever apologising for that.

  6. As my family would say "He's built like a brick sh*t house" - If I were to do anything remotely cruel to him, he'd get back up and hang me from the nearest lampshade.