Sunday, 14 February 2010

I'm not mad! Just... slightly loopy!

Last year I completed the Bath race for life with a group of workmates from Sainsbury's. We walked around the course because you have the option of walking, jogging or running. It was the middle of summer and on that particular day it was supposed to rain but the rain had held off and instead it was scorching sunshine the whole way around the course - the rain set in just as the last of us crossed the finishing line and I so was glad to see it.

It hadn't been a challenging walk, but i had felt kind of lazy because I saw so many people running and jogging around the course and I didn't have any excuse not to do that. I'm a pretty healthy 22 year old. I'm not obese and yet I can't run very far without pretty much starting to die. It's shameful.

I ran for my aunt Sandra who, although she didn't die of breast cancer, died of secondary cancer of the lung and brain. It had been the second time she got cancer - the first time she'd had part of one of her lungs removed as a result and the second time around it beat her. I also ran last year for my friend and ex-collague Carol who was diagnosed with breast cancer literally a few weeks before we were due to do the race for life.

I can remember being at work when everyone found out and those of us (below) who were doing the race for life suddenly found we had even more reason to be doing what we were. Thankfully Carol is still with us to this day and the good news is she is beating her cancer! The strength that I saw both Sandra and Carol show in the face of such a gloomy outlook made me realise that if they can be as strong as they are when they are seriously ill then I have no excuse not to haul my lazy arse around that 5km course.

I'm third from the right, number 6081. Yes. I was blonde. 
So this year when one of my work colleagues at the very cool Iceland (see what I did there?) pointed out that they had signed up for the Race for Life in June of this year I decided that I too was going to do the race for life and this year I would jog around the course.

I know. I'm going to kill myself. However, I have put a plan together. I have been granted permission by my brother to use his treadmill and so every other day I am going to practice on it until I can get up to the stage at which I can happily jog for 4km or so. The race for life circuit is 5km so if I can make it 3km - 4km around the track jogging I will be more than happy with myself.

As it currently stands I have done one session on the treadmill for ten minutes. I did 2 minutes of fast paced walking and 1 minute of running and then 2 of running and 1 of walking and so on and I nearly died. Honestly, I didn't realise I was so out of shape.

Therefore I will need motivation and the best motivation is to have people believing that I can make it around that track jogging. So, if you're a kind hearted soul perhaps you could spare a few pennies by sponsoring me?

I honestly do not expect a lot, even £1 would make a difference. If I can reach my target for this year and can jog around the race for life track, then next year I am going to do the moon/sun walk in Bristol. Please help me beat my target! 

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  1. From someone who is equally unfit, I can guarantee that you do get there with running. I joined a gym in December 08, and I always felt like I wanted to die on the treadmill and couldn't stand it. By March my only limitation was boredom. The method your using is the right one and you'll get there :-)

    (Unfortunately for financial and travel reasons I had to quit the gym, hence why I'm still carrying extra weight ready for any nuclear winter)