Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A look at ornithomancy for valentines day

I'm not really fussed about valentines day and the only time I ever recieved a card was from a boyfriend who made it out of scrap paper in front of me because he'd forgotten and only remembered when I gave him his card.

I read an article in the Daily mail today that made me chuckle. It's called: Who's your lovebird? Our feathered friends are Valentine's Day fortune tellers

Ornithomancy* is the Ancient Greek practice of reading omens from the actions of birds and according to the Daily Mail is the best way to work out who 'is destined to set your heart aflutter' on February 14th.
Apparently, the first bird that a girl sees on valentines day indicated what sort of man her suitor will be, sounds like a theory doesn't it? Or not.
The mail say "Glimpse a goldfinch, for instance, and you're destined to tie the knot with a wealthy chap, while clapping eyes on a canary means you will wed a doctor. Those who like a man in uniform should hope to spot a robin as this may indicate a life of future happiness with a naval officer. 
They use a blatant appeal to antiquity and tradition in their article by stating:
It might all sound like a flight of fancy, but the practice of reading omens from birds - or ornithomancy, as it is called - dates back to ancient times and was practised by the Greeks and Romans. After consulting with experts on folklore, tourist chiefs in Worcestershire compiled the list of 26 birds and what they signify based - they claim - on various sources, including Celtic, European medieval and native American Indian traditions. They hope it will encourage singletons to take up the less than romantic sounding hobby of birdwatching as an antidote to loneliness.
Well, if the Romans and Greeks did it, it MUST work, right? The reason it might sound like a flight of fancy is that it most definetely is a flight of fancy.

The Mail don't say it has to be a living bird, they just say it has to be the first bird you see on Valentines day.
I will point out now that if this experiment doesn't work, please don't sue me for ruining your love life - it's the daily mails fault. Not mine**.

So here goes. Anyone wanting to take part in this mini experiment must:

a) be female (for some reason it doesn't work for men? )
b) Simply come to my blog on Valentines day
c) choose the bird in the list below
d) click on the relevant link
e) look at the bird for, say, ten seconds
f) Let me know if it works.***

- If you want a wealthy 'chap' you need to look at a goldfinch

- If you want to 'wed a doctor' you need to look at a canary

- If you like a man in uniform you need to look at a robin
(this may indicate a life of happiness with a naval officer!) 

- If you want a man who cares about the environment you need to look at a turkey

- If you want a man who will return home you need to look at a pigeon

- If you want a spiritual, charitable guy you need to look at a blackbird

- If you want a quick thinking business man you need to look at a magpie

- If you want to marry a farmer you need to look at a sparrow

- If you want a partner for life you need to look at a swan

- If you want to marry a politician look at a bird of prey 

- Be warned! Looking at a peacock means he'll be vain,

- looking at a woodpecker means no marriage will take place.

- If you want a happy marriage look at a dove.

- If you want someone who makes people smile look at a bluebird.

- I you want a homely, stable relationship look at a duck

- He’ll travel a lot for work if you look at a gull

- He’ll be driven by material possession if you look at a wren

- He’ll be a very sociable person if you look at a finch

- If you want to meet a scientist/mathematician look at a nuthatch

- If you want to meet a man who is academic look at an owl

- If you want him to be hard working and tenacious look at a pheasant

- If you want to meet a man who has done well or has inheritance look at a kingfisher

- If you want to meet a man who works in communications look at a goose

- If you don’t want a relationship look at a crow

*If you are religious, the bible actually bans this because evilvoodoodevilworshipbirdsareevil
** I don't believe in this bullshit, and I don't think you should either, but this is fun.
*** I know this may mean coming back in 20 years when you finally meet Mr Right, but hey, dedication ladies! It's all I ask for!


  1. Next time I demand a game that men can play!

  2. But... you're already married.

  3. OK, a game that married men can play.