Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hayley's general observations

The following are a small number of general observations that I have made throughout the week. You should note that most are made with great irony or sarcasm. I'm very much a people watcher and I'm laid back with my opinions in the sense that I wont tell you that you are annoying me to your face if I don't know you - I'll store it in my head and it will probably end up here. I will tell you if you are annoying me if I do know you, I will also probably take the piss out of you and things you do, but it's because I love you. I'm going to try and post a general observation blog every week.

My quote of the week has been:
"Don't let the bastards get you down!" -- Great gran 1990

* If I am wearing what appear to be sunglasses when it's cold, rainy and generally not sunny then the chances are that they're actually reaction lenses on a normal pair of prescription glasses and that I'm not an idiot wearing sunglasses when it's not sunny. So making general snarky comments about me wearing sunglasses when it isn't sunny actually makes you look a bit dim. Har har. 

* When your train pulls into the station and there are four of you waiting to get on said train and you can see that it's completely empty there is no need to push in front of everyone else using your fat arse as some sort of a crowd control device because there isn't going to be a problem finding a seat. This is what happened to me on Monday. I don't like being shoved aside by someone elses butt.

* When your train has pulled into the station and there are those few seconds where you wait for the light next to the door to illuminate, crowding around the door is only going to lead to further problems when people try to get off of the train. Problems such as you getting my shopping bags in your face as I push past you. 

* If you stand in the wrong line in a store and get told to join the line that I am standing in, trying to join the line half way into it isn't going to be looked upon very well by the people you are pushing in front of. Don't be shocked if they tell you to move. 

* When you go to a lecture called 'Disinformation within UFOlogy' don't get offended when the talk is about disinformation within UFOlogy. If part of that same lecture is about the down side of ad hominem attacks and logical fallacies the worst thing you can do is then ad hom the person giving the lecture, or structure your argument on logical fallacy after logical fallacy.

*If you are mean and nasty and a bitter old woman and you wear red shoes, I will name you 'The wicked witch of the East prior to Dorothy's arrival' in my head. Forever.

* As I sat in my local doctors surgery waiting room on Friday I was shocked to notice on the wall a poster advertising homeopathy, reflexology and other alt med therapies. When I went into the doctors room he had a collection of old tools used in medicine within the last hundred years - some of which actually looked rather scary. He noted 'It's interesting to see how far science and medicine has advanced over the years' and I guiltily couldn't take him seriously because of the homeopathy advert I had seen just outside of his office.

Last, but not least:

*When you tell people you have social anxiety they're more likely to understand you than you might think. I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of people I've never really spoken to before who have sent me supportive messages in the last few days. It's really appreciated.

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