Thursday, 4 February 2010

Who'd win in a fight between Marsh and Trystam?

Lets be fair. If Marsh and Trystan got into a fight it wouldn't be physical, it would be a geeky skeptical debate and neither of them would shut up. That's why we try to keep them distracted as much as possible during the recording of RI otherwise we could end up being there for days and days. In fact, one episode did take three days to record because Marsh went off on a rant about Marshmallows and Trystan dared to disagree with him when he said Marshmallows were nice.

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  1. I used to really like marshmallows before I became vegan but I saw some yesterday sandwiched between two pink wafers. It looked very artificial and I winced when I saw them eaten.

    As for me versus Marsh, I think he has a distinct reach advantage but I do enjoy biting.

  2. Are you saying you want to bite Marsh?