Saturday, 20 February 2010

A brighter Bradford-On-Avon

For a while I have been really bugged by the amount of misinformation spread around in my town of Bradford-On-Avon that relates to alternative medicine and therapies. For someone who is skeptical of such things it seemed like an uphill struggle everytime I tried to challenge any claims made locally that I felt were dangerous or very misleading.

This led me to launch a website called: A brighter Bradford-On-Avon

When I have enough money I am going to buy the domain for the site and over time I hope to add more and more content. my intention is to create a website that is a source of rational information whilst acting as a counter to all the nonsens claims made locally.

I am planning on launching the site via local media and I hope to be able to buy advertising in local magazines who are prone to printing articles that are full of nonsense information regarding general health care & medicine.

In my recent complaint to 'A local life magazine' for publishing an article that promoted the use of homeopathy in place of flu vaccinations I asked the editor if I would be able to write an article pointing out the benefits of flu vaccinations and conventional medicine. I was told in no uncertain terms that it was not possible - I quote:

I am sorry that you were not happy with the article in issue 2, however I would like to explain that as a free magazine that we build relationships with local businesses and advertorial is paid for as you can see the article is accompanied by an advert. In the article it does not state that this is a cure - I would be happy for a doctor to write an article, however people are intelligent and able to draw their own conclusions. I personally have no firm view from wither side other than whatever works for the individual is positive, it's great that you take the time to comment but the article is not one that requires a counter comment , my aim for  the magazine is to promote local business, community events and causes that affect the local area. 
 So, as you can see, as founder of 'A brighter Bradford-On-Avon' I will be eligible for advertising. I haven't done this just out of spite though - that's just a plus side to it. I made the website to spread information about alternative medicine because as a town where even the local doctor surgery promotes alt med, it's about time someone took a rational stance on these topics.


  1. Is that truly the actual sentence construction and punctuation of a magazine editor. Wow.
    I think your idea is great; wish you luck.

  2. Yeah that's how he wrote it. Spelling, grammer and punctuation all intact.

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