Saturday, 23 January 2010

White Noise Paranormal Radio

Last night from 10pm until Midnight I was interviewed by the White Noise Paranormal Radio show - live online to answer their questions about my paranormal research, Righteous Indignation and all other sorts of questions you might ask somebody like me.

Despite being quite nervous prior to the interview, when we got going I started to have great fun. For a while now I have been involved in the skeptical podcast - Righteous Indignation and all the tasks that come with it. So, to be able to step back and discuss my paranormal research with people whose first interest is paranormal resarch and all that comes with it was a very nice change.

One thing I have to credit Jason & Kelly - the hosts of the show - for, is the manner in which they put the questions across. I didn't get grilled for being a mean skeptic and I wasn't made to feel like I had to prove myself as I was made to feel on a prior paranormal radio show I was interviewed on last year.

The highlight of the interview though had to be the quick-fire questions towards the end where I was asked to sum the questions up with brief answers. When asked what I thought was behind internal-human combustion my answer was "Fire."

Brief enough? Yes. True? Yes. Funny? Well... I like to think so ;)

Thanks to Jason and Kelly and all the folks who made White Noise work, and thanks to everyone who sent questions in. Yes, even those of you who sat in the chatroom, sent in questions and listened to the show despite the fact that they cannot stand me. That was humourous to say the least.

You can check out my interview by clicking here.

Another thing worth mentioning is how a member in the chatroom at one point was reported to me to have said that I sounded knowldgeable and brave on the show but they would like to see me spend the night in a well known haunted location to see how brave I would be then.

Bring. It. On.

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