Friday, 8 January 2010

Vote for me! Please!

Back in the day when I was a woo I would submit my websites and blogs to the 'Haunted England Top 100 Paranormal Websites' rating site where it would go up and down in popularity depending on how many woo's voted for me.

Years have passed in which I forgot all about the Haunted England site until I stumbled over a button for it yesterday on another paranormal website.

I thought it would be funny to add this blog to their site for ranking because when you click on their 'sceptic sites' cateory there were only two - three now that my blog is there.

So I am pleaing for any of you who read this to please click on the button below and then click on the 'Enter and vote' link which will register a vote for me.

It would be hysterical if we could get my blog, a typically skeptical site, above all of the woo sites and those of paranormal commerical companies.

What can I say? I have a twisted sense of humor. Thank you.

Haunted England Top 100 Paranormal Websites


  1. I voted, but half an hour later am now wondering if this kind of activity could start an annoying war. I hate that post on JREF - "The JREF is Finished" that keeps popping up. It is pretty benign, but annoying all the same. It would be a pain if both skeptics/woos started polluting each others sites. Oh, and after seeing an earlier post of yours, I was wondering if you'd find the following discussion interesing...

    I've had no biters so far, maybe your views could be first?

  2. I can understand where you are coming from and I wouldn't have registered if they hadn't already had a category for sceptics. To me, that makes it fair for a skeptical site to register and so it's not necessarily starting an "us vs. them" situation because that already exists on that site.

    I'm just trying to give the sceptic category on there a boost because when I registered last night it had four people in it - one of which was my old, dead blog!