Sunday, 10 January 2010


I'm writing this blog post whilst sat in my bed, the electric blanket donated to me by my dad is warming my frozen toes and I'm feeling extremely happy and so I apologise should this get at all mushy as it progresses. I happen to love this electric blanket and it makes me go all existential as I lay trying to go to sleep but not wanting to go to sleep because I feel so lovely and toasty.

Ahem. Anyway. I've been reflecting on the weekend that has just happened. It's been manic to be quite honest with you.

On Friday I submitted this blog to the Haunted England Top 100 paranormal website ranking list in the skeptic category. I thought it would be a giggle if I could get to the #1 spot above all the woo websites.

I'm sure you can imagine the surprise I got on Sunday morning after I wrote on twittr asking for votes only for JackOfKent - that notorious blogger whos blog you can visit via my links to the right of this page - retweeted my message and then continued to get people to vote for me until I have recieved over 170 votes which pushed me straight into 4th place.

Not even after 24 hours of being on the list and I had made it to 4th place. Incredible. It made me feel so humbled by his actions. It made me feel more humbled when I then had a nosey and found out that all of the following people had also spread the message to get me some votes.

Westminster skeptics, Bristol skeptics, Greater Manchester skeptics, deebdublin, pulseproject, taffysaint, purepareidolia, Iszi_lawrence, geoglyphentropy, Podblack (!), Zeo001, sminhinnick, Markpack, DrRachie(!), luv_top10 and John_the_monkey too. I was really amazed by the response and I owe these people hue thanks for helping me in such a silly task.

Thanks guys & girls! x

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  1. It was not such a silly task.

    For me, it is important for skeptics to have a good presence in such lists, especially a presence such as yours: constructive and not militant.

    There are various ways that skeptics can seek to be influential outside of our own circle and one is to reach out and offer an alternative point of view.

    Best wishes

    Jack of Kent