Friday, 29 January 2010

No rest for the wicked

The weekend is supposed to be for resting and shopping for shoes, right? This weekend is going to be super hectic for me though as tomorrow (Saturday 30th Jan) I am heading to Bristol at around 9am to take part in a mass overdose of homeopathic medicine as part of the 10:23 campaign being run by the Merseryside Skeptics society and being run in Bristol by the Bristol skeptics society.

As soon as this event is over I'll be hopping back on a train and rushing home to get ready to head off to Swindon to lend a hand as a member of the Weird crew (shut up) at the first ever 'Weird Talking event' being held in Old Town, Swindon where we will be listening to Maria Wheatley and Busty Taylor talk about some of Avebury's allegedly best kept secrets. Not exactly my cup of tea but well worth a listen I should think.

Very kindly my fellow crew members Tom & Liz have offered to lend me and another crew member their spare bedroom for the night and a lift home! I'm so glad to have met such lovely people.

This is the first of many talks taking part over 2010 so if you're interested you should visit the Weird Events website and click on the 'Weird Talking' button for more information.

I'm also hoping that once I get home on Sunday I can pop over to Avebury to start preliminary work on the first of Wiltshire Phenomena Research's 2010 project pied piper case studies.

There truly is no rest for the wicked. I'm not complaining though because these last few weeks have been incredibly fun!
Though, one down side is that I'm doing all of this whilst battling with a throat and ear infection, tension headaches and a possibly compacted wisdom tooth. If you see me this weekend and I looked down it's because I'm in constant pain. No fun.

Ooh. Also worth a mention is that it has now been five days with no meat for me! Today I did my food shop and bought my next lot of vegetarian dishes and snacks etc. and some of the stuff out there truly is scrummy looking.

Oh, and another 2000 words in the bag for my story today. Rock on.

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