Thursday, 28 January 2010

A new project for me

I've been quite busy since the new year and I thought I ought to share some of the things I'm up to because I'm told that if you hold your exitment inside for too long you explode. I don't want to explode.

Basically, I've been working on a book which is the majorly exciting thing that I aimed to do in 2010.

No, don't judge me. It's NOT a paranormal book and has nothing do to with the paranormal, paranormal research or bananas. (Only my team mates will get the bananas thing, for those of you who don't, it's hysterical.)

My book is a supernatural thriller fiction book based in modern day Britain. I like to think it's kick arse but then I'm biased.

I've been writing articles for a long time that have been featured on numerous websites about numerous things. I even co-authored my very first magazine article with local ghost guru Dave Wood last year that wound up in Paranormal Magazine which I was immensly proud of.

However people don't tend to know that I've been writing fiction stories since the age of fourteen. None of them have ever been published because I've never tried.
Whether that be down to a lack of confidence or because I liked them being my secret I don't really know, but speaking to a friend last year inspired me to actually write something that I intend other people to read. Talking to another of my friends online today made me think about announcing it on my blog.

Perhaps in a couple of decades time I will put my pen to paper and write about my time as a paranormal researcher. Yet, as it currently stands I've only been researching the odd for five years which hardly gives me any authority in the subject at all - I'm still learning.

I'm going to stick to my fiction at the moment and as the story progresses I'll be updating this blog with how it's going. I may never get published, and that's not something I'm really worried about because I'd rather finally stand up and try to get one of my stories published and fail rather than never have tried in the first place.


  1. ''I'd rather finally stand up and try to get one of my stories published and fail rather than never have tried in the first place''

    That's a fantastic attitude to have. Good luck!

  2. Yes, good attitude. And keep pumping them out. (Says the man with about 23 rejection slips so far to his name).