Saturday, 16 January 2010

busy, busy, busy!

A few things that are worth a mention:

1) Jon Donnis has kindly published my 'a local life' article on Badpsychics, Badhomeopathy and the Parawatch website. Thanks Jon!

2) This Friday (22nd) I will be on the White Noise Paranormal Radio show - an online radio show, talking about investigating the paranormal from a skeptical POV. I will be on air with Kelly & Jason from 22:00 until midnight. Please come and listen!

3) Please visit the 10:23 website and sign the open letter to Boots, asking them to remove homeopathy from their shelves - it's a great campaign that I've been following.

4) This Saturday I will be out at part of the 'Weird Investigations' team at a location in Warminster. It's quite exciting and there are still tickets available! Why not come and join in? There's something strangely wonderful about sitting in an ancient building in the middle of the night drinking tea from a flask. hehe.

5) On January 30th the 10:23 live events will be taking place across the UK. I will be attending the Bristol event where I will be interviewing people for Righteous Indignation. If you want to chat, pop along and say hello. Location details will be announced via the Bristol Skeptics wbsite closer to the time.

6) Episode 32 of Righteous Indignation is out on Monday! Woohoo!

Busy times ahead, but it's all good fun!

Finally, Thank you to everyone who has been visiting my blog over the last weeks. It's been great to read your comments, see the re-tweets on Twitter pointing to my blog etc. - I'm very greatful!

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